A Short Cervix and
Preterm Birth

According to the World Health Organization, 15 million babies are born preterm each year

A short or dilated cervix is an important cause of preterm birth

When a short or dilated cervix is seen, a cerclage may be recommended

But cerclage has not changed in decades.
It's time for a new option.

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A cervix held closed by cerclage

Our goal is the development of an improved cerclage

Cerclage is a longstanding treatment for cervical insufficiency. We are working with mechanical engineers and medical device experts to make cerclage safer and more effective

Babies born prematurely can have lifelong health problems. In cases of cervical insufficiency, the cervix opens too prematurely, and without contractions. When preterm cervical opening leads to preterm birth the consequences for the baby can be severe. We are committed to improving treatment for preterm birth where cervical insufficiency is the cause.

Michael House
Dr. Michael House
President, CX Therapeutics


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